Intermap Technologies®

The Geospatial Intelligence Company

InsitePro is wholly-owned by Intermap Technologies. Intermap is an industry leader in geospatial intelligence solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Applications include location-based information, risk assessment, geographic information systems for industries such as engineering, utilities, global positioning systems, oil and gas, renewable energy, hydrology, environmental planning, land management, wireless communications, transportation and 3D visualization.

Intermap specializes in three primary business activites:
Data Collection using proprietary multi-frequency, radar sensor technologies
Value-added Data Products and Services which leverage our proprietary NEXTMap® database, together with proprietary software and fusion technologies
Commercial Applications and Solutions targeting selected industry verticals that rely on accurate high-resolution elevation data
The Company is a world leader in data fusion, analytics, and orthorectification, and has decades of experience aggregating data derived from a number of different sensor technologies and data sources.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap Technologies® is an industry leader serving a diverse geospatial marketplace. We provide highly accurate elevation information to help commercial enterprises and government agencies make better location-based decisions.

Our high-resolution NEXTMap® database provides seamless, wide-area digital elevation data and images. We also provide comprehensive geospatial services, from custom 3D mapping and data fusion.