Insurance Underwriter and Non NFIP Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Solutions

Add Coverage, Reduce Risk and Improve Your Bottom Line with InsitePro’s Flood Insurance Solutions

InsitePro, an insurance underwriting tool, is a cloud-based application that provides fast, address-specific risk assessment for natural catastrophes anywhere in the world. Underwriters can determine, visualize, and present risk with simple-to-use cloud-based software. Risk assessments can be easily integrated with existing underwriting platforms by API.

  • Assess flood risk for an entire region or down to an address level
  • Evaluate different types of flood (coastal/surge, river/fluvial, and surface/pluvial) using multiple datasets and models
  • Deliver risk segmentation, risk scoring system and rating information that differentiates the varying risk from the riverside to the high country
  • Customize your risk scoring system using your company’s loss history, preferred flood models, and corporate risk philosophy to ensure your portfolio matches your strategy