Why InsitePro®?

InsitePro is a cloud-based software solution that brings together all the necessary data and analytics for underwriting natural catastrophe risk, anywhere in the world.

Customize a Risk Score that Fits Your Business

Each insurer has a different perspective on how to assess natural catastrophe risk when underwriting. That’s why InsitePro lets you design the risk scoring analytic that meets your needs.

Of course, InsitePro includes Intermap’s best-in-class geospatial data, but we also let you add your proprietary information for a risk score that’s customized to your company’s strategy and history.

Datasets that can be used for risk scoring include, but are not limited to:

  • Underwriters’ proprietary information
  • Loss history
  • Preferred flood map (public domain or subscription)
  • FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data
  • NOAA storm surge Maximum of Maximum (MoM) models
  • Zip code and CRESTA zones, as well as other spatially defined areas that help you bound your portfolio
Because InsitePro is customized to your needs, you can also select the scoring output that best fits your business. Choose from a numeric score (0-100), a color-coded score (stop light), a specific activity such as underwrite or don’t underwrite, or a simple go/no-go alert.

The Best Solutions Start with the Right Data

What’s the difference between their 10-meter resolution and NEXTMap® 1-meter resolution? It could be the difference between whether a property will or won’t flood.

For years, InsitePro has relied on the unparalleled accuracy of Intermap’s 5-meter NEXTMap terrain data. We’re now introducing NEXTMap 1-meter data into the InsitePro dataset for the continental United States.

InsitePro reveals hidden underwriting gems in areas previously avoided by commercial insurance firms – enabling companies to broaden their portfolios while reducing risk.
NEXTMap includes water flattening and hydro enforcement – one of the most important characteristics of an elevation dataset used for flood applications. Without comprehensive hydro enforcement, flood risk predictions could be flawed or misleading because you have to accurately characterize the water before you can understand where and how it will flow.

Not All Data is Created Equal

You’re already ahead of the game if you’re using flood risk software in your underwriting practice … but how good is its underlying data? Most packages rely on the USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) which, on average, has a resolution of 10 meters across the United States. In select areas, it can have up to 3-meter resolution. InsitePro now has 1-meter resolution across the entire United States

Nowhere is the difference more evident than in the popular vacation area of Hilton Head Island. The example below highlights a cross section of the island where the difference between InsitePro and the NED elevations can be as much as a 3-meter difference – which can mean the difference between profit and loss when insuring properties on a barrier island (blue line represents InsitePro)..