Additional Perils Available in InsitePro

InsitePro comes inclusive with WorldFlood® (a global flood model), FloodScope® (a high-resolution inland flood model for the USA), Storm Surge for the USA, and access to best-in-class elevation data. If you need other perils for any geography, they can be added. Intermap leverages a partner network to ensure carriers have the right risk information for their underwriting.

Below you will find available perils that can be provided to you at additional subscription costs. Additionally, you will find relevant information on each of the models available. If you do not see the peril or geography you need, we will either find it or build it for you. If you would like to add one or more of the peril models listed below, or if you need something not listed, please click here to request more

Add-On Perils

Please click on the perils listed below to expand the list of models that are available.

The global flood map (GFM) - provided by JBA

The GFM indicates areas which are susceptible to significant surface water flooding. The most sophisticated modeling techniques have been used for the GFM, based on the highest-resolution global elevation data available. The GFM is a Level 1 map, and its consistency simplifies the assessment of exposure in multinational portfolios.

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Global rainfall indundation map (GRIM) - provided by JBA

The Global Rainfall Inundation Map (GRIM) is currently in development and will form a new layer of the Global Flood Map. It will be available for Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and the USA in Q2 2015, with Canada to follow next. It provides Level 1 river flood hazard mapping and more.

The europe flood map (EFM) - provided by JBA

The EFM provides consistent mapping of major rivers across the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland to enable re/insurers to easily compare exposure between any or all of these countries. These maps provide the underlying information for JBA Risk Management’s Europe probabilistic flood model, which enables the calculation of return period losses across Europe. At up to 10m resolution these Level 2 maps are suitable for use in both underwriting and accumulation modeling.

The maps include defended areas where possible.

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National Hazard and Risk Model (No-HARM) - Provided by AnchorPoint

The National Hazard and Risk Model (No-HARM) is a versatile, nationwide model designed to assess exposure of property to wildfire. No-HARM is ideal for underwriting and accumulating wildfire risk, as a consistent, nationwide wildfire hazard/risk assessment dataset. Built with a variety of datasets, including proprietary and public domain data, No-HARM expresses the probability and negative effects of wildfire throughout the United States, at regional and neighborhood scales. A core attribute of No-HARM is to accurately identify the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) and analyze the threat to these areas from fire effects such as smoke, embers, and direct exposure to flame.

Beyond location-specific wildfire risk for insurance purposes, No-HARM offers tremendous potential to manage fire through the prevention, preparedness and response phases, reducing risk to the public, firefighters, and critical infrastructure.

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North American Earthquake - Provided by Atkins

Atkins provides a comprehensive collection of datasets that help assess earthquake risk anywhere in the USA and Canada. The various datasets can be used separately, in tandem, or combined in a risk scoring analytic to deliver risk assessments that support effective property underwriting.

The datasets available through InsitePro are:

  • Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA)
  • Distance to Fault
  • Soil Type
  • Return Period

InsitePro users can also visualize locations with respect to Peak Ground Acceleration for 500 year and 2,500 year intensity earthquakes.

Atkins is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. They have a long history of providing natural catastrophe risk information to government and insurance customers.

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